July 23, 2008: 9th Wonder & Murs releases “Sweet Lord”

On this day in 2008 9th Wonder & Murs releases “Sweet Lord”

MURS 2008

Sweet Lord is the third collaboration album from California rapper Murs and North Carolina producer 9th Wonder (formerly of Little Brother). Like their other collaborations the album features ten songs, all produced by 9th Wonder, and is less than 40 minutes long. Murs stated in an online video that the album would be released for free through the internet as a “present” to his fans but only if they promise to actually purchase his album Murs for President and other albums he does with 9th Wonder. (Source Wikipedia)

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July 8, 2008: Jean Grae releases “Jeanius”

On this day in 2008 Jean Grae releases “Jeanius”


Jeanius is the third studio album by American rapper Jean Grae. She worked on it with hip hop producer 9th Wonder and intended to release it in 2004, but the album leaked prematurely and spawned various pirated versions of the unfinished project. After Grae’s record deal with the label, Jeanius was released on July 8, 2008, by Talib Kweli‘s Blacksmith Records imprint label. (Source Wikipedia)

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June 21, 2005: Buckshot & 9th Wonder release “Chemistry”

On this day in 2005 Buckshot & 9th Wonder release “Chemistry”


Chemistry is a 2005 collaboration album by Buckshot of the Boot Camp Clik and 9th Wonder of Little Brother. 9th provides all the production on the release, and handled all recording and mixing except for the song “No Comparison” which was recorded by Khrysis, while leaving the rapping to Buckshot, with guest appearances from members of the Boot Camp Clik and the Justus League. This album is paralleled by the Black Moon album “Alter the Chemistry”, which was basically a remix album produced by Da Beatminerz. (Source Wikipedia)

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April 29, 2008: Buckshot & 9th Wonder release “The Formula”

On this day in 2008 Buckshot & 9th Wonder release “The Formula”

9th Wonder Buckshot

The Formula is a collaborative album by Buckshot and 9th Wonder (formerly of Little Brother), released on April 29, 2008 through Duck Down Records. The album is the second full-length collaboration between the two, the first being 2005’s Chemistry. The album’s first single was “Go All Out”. The tracks’ music video features an appearance from comedian Charlie Murphy. Videos were also shot for the tracks “Hold It Down” and “The Formula”.

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