July 23, 2002: The Beatnuts releases “The Originators”

On this day in 2002 The Beatnuts releases “The Originators”


The Originators is a 2002 album by Hip Hop duo The Beatnuts. It is the first Beatnuts album released by Landspeed Records. Likely because of its indie record label, it failed to reach the Billboard 200 like The Beatnuts’ prior four full-length albums, but managed to appear on the Independent Albums chart. Its beats and party vibe were well received, but its lyrics were criticized for lacking substance in the same vein as prior releases. Four singles were released in promotion of The Originators, but none of them charted. The album was produced entirely by The Beatnuts, but featured guest appearances by Large Professor, Tony Touch and Ill Bill. (Source Wikipedia)

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June 24, 1997: The Beatnuts release “Stone Crazy”

On this day in 2007 The Beatnuts release “Stone Crazy”


Stone Crazy is the second full-length album by Hip Hop group The Beatnuts. It was released on June 24, 1997 by Relativity Records and Epic Records in later pressings. It is the first album released by The Beatnuts after rapper Kool Fashion left the group to pursue a solo career. The album is produced solely by The Beatnuts and features guest appearances by artists including Big Pun, Cuban Link and two rappers in the group Screwball. The album contains four singles, two of which charted. Stone Crazy had the best charting positions of any Beatnuts album upon its release, and is considered their breakthrough album. (Source Wikipedia)

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June 21, 1994: The Beatnuts release “The Beatnuts”

On this day in 1994 The Beatnuts release “The Beatnuts”


The Beatnuts (sometimes called Street Level) is the full-length debut album by Hip Hop trio The Beatnuts. It was released on June 21, 1994 by Relativity Records just a year after their debut EP, Intoxicated Demons. “Psycho Dwarf” is the only song found on both the EP and the album. The album is produced by The Beatnuts themselves, as well as V.I.C. and Lucien. It features guest appearances by Grand Puba, Miss Jones and DJ Sinister amongst others.

The Beatnuts boasts two singles, “Props Over Here” and “Hit Me with That,” neither of which charted. The album is known for its diverse production and hedonistic lyrics. Its cover art is inspired by the cover of Hank Mobley‘s The Turnaround.

The album’s title is sometimes mistakenly referred to as Street Level, because those words appear on the album cover, however the words “Street Level” do not appear anywhere else on the CD (in the liner notes or on the CD spine label).

The Beatnuts: Street Level is the last Beatnuts album before emcee Fashion left the group to pursue a solo career under the alias Al’ Tariq. (Source Wikipedia)

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